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Nice to meet you


 I love Urban Outfitters because to me UO is home.

As a leader, I want to help create and sustain a thriving culture within the community of my team. 

I am creative, positive, encouraging, and a firm believer in growth. 

I want to bring passion and excellence to everything I do. 

CELL: 714.864.6150






As a member of the UO team, I focus on growth, development and training team members to succeed and thrive within the company. I find new ways to develop the culture and community of my peers and team, and empower those around me to help them achieve our unified vision. I am transparent, honest, and caring with my team; I lead through my strengths and also seek advice, feedback, and collaboration. 


- Nov 2016 - Present: WACC Department Manager @ STR095

- May 2016 - Oct 2016: Senior Team Lead/Acting WACC Manager @ STR016

- March 2015 - April 2016: WACC Team Lead @ STR016

- Oct 2014 - March 2015: Sales Associate @ STR016




I believe in taking on challenges through innovation, communication and organization. I strive to create a work environment where associates, specialists, and team leads take ownership of their role within the company and day to day tasks. I enjoy investing in others, through fostering a positive learning environment, and offering consistent feedback.

See below for unique strategies I've created to enhance productivity and awareness in my team. 

- Labeling boxes for efficient shoe checks and fast organization. 

- Daily checklist for opening cashier to complete and sign, ensuring my department can function even when I am not there. 

- KPI Reports/Match Rate: The more the team knows, the more they care. Showing my team what's important to the store and company helps them stay on track of how they are personally contributing to the store.

- Posting pictures of team members who meet the store goals gives recognition for those who succeed and incentive for those who have opportunity to grow.


I produce internal video content for my team to create a fun, and effective way of communicating store memos, bulletins and notices. 




Mo is an amazing leader in our store. She has a passion for people and has created an environment of teamwork, ownership, and positive energy. She truly is an incredible asset to 95!
— Katy (VM, STR095)

Mo’s positive and vivacious attitude is contagious and makes her a great leader and role model.
— Tori (SBL, STR095)

Mo has always taken initiative with me, taken me under her wing, in teaching me the ropes of becoming a manager.
Not only has Mo taken initiative with me, but with our team as a whole, coming up with fun ways to teach us about store policy and procedures. She is continuously ensuring everyone is involved, and thoroughly enjoying their days at 95.
— Carmen (Senior Team Lead, STR095)

Mo is the sort of person who makes you look forward to being at work because you can always count on her to do her job and be positive.
— Megan (WACC Manager, STR153)

My favorite part about Mo is how infectious her positive attitude is, you can always count on her to bring a smile to your face even on the most stressful work days. As a manager, she is innovative and efficient when managing her department. I’ve learned that there are so many different solutions to any given problem & Mo’s solutions are always as unique as she is.
— Erica (Customer Service & Development Team Lead, STRO95)
I first met Mo during a group interview at store 16 and was hired shortly after. Her calm yet cheerful demeanor inspired me from day one. She was never hesitant to answer any of my questions and used every opportunity to help train me. Her positive outlook and attitude towards the company, along with her desire to help the team grow made her the perfect manager. Now as an MIT at Free People, I still reach out to Mo when I have a problem I cannot resolve.
— Nelly (MIT, FP STR833)



I was born in Huntington Beach, CA.

I live in DTLA.

I love music and photography.

I have a Siberian Husky named Johnny Fabrizio Moretti Alfonso. 

I am addicted to podcasts and Trader Joe's. 




Over the last two years, I've contributed 20+ social media posts as a model and photographer by producing visual content for UO, UO_OC, and Urban Outfitter's promotional email blast. I love to create content for UO whether it's behind or in front of the camera. Visual mediums like photography, fashion, merchandising, and design are integral part of what I do to enhance the customer experience, and internal experience for my team.